Nikon D800 Body

Nikon D800 Body


Condition: Like New


  • Nikon D800 Body (14 500 Actuations)
  • Body Cap
  • Original Charger
  • Original Battery


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The Nikon D800 Body, with its full-frame sensor of 36.3 Megapixels, is one of the most sought after full frames on the market. Extremely reliable and a work horse.

Like New

  • Condition is in like new condition, similar to a new item, with minimal signs of use.



  • Condition is excellent, there is however visible signs of use, but minimal, such as a scratch and/or scuff mark.



  • Condition is good, there is however visible signs of use, such as scratches and/or scuff marks.



  • Condition is usually not good, there is visible signs of use, such as scratches and/or scuff marks. The price is however immensely compensated.



  • Condition is fair, but keep in mind these cameras are old, usually very old, but in good working condition. We unfortunately can't confirm the timing, timers, shutter speeds, light meters, light seals, etc. are all in perfect condition.

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